Measurement Products - United Kingdom

Instrumentation and Analytical solutions for industries and utilities.
Proven in space, on the ocean floor and everywhere in between.

To operate any process efficiently, it is essential to actuate, measure, record and control. ABB is your best partner when selecting measurement solutions that deliver maximum return on your investment. When investing in ABB’s measurement products and solutions you are receiving the best technology, reliability and service in the business.

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Our offering

  • Analytical Instruments

    Liquid analytical measurement to reduce process costs and chemical usage

  • Flow Measurement

    Widest range of flow measurement technology solves all your application challenges

  • Natural Gas Measurement

    Totalflow is the market leading pipeline measurement and control solutions for oil and gas

  • Process Analytics

    Complex gas analysis to improve product quality and reduce emissions

  • Temperature Measurement

    Worldclass sensors and transmitters for the simplest to the toughest applications

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    Sales: Alan Cooper
    Service: Mark Niblett


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