Information Management

Advant Master Information Management

Information Management has been an integral part of the Advant Master system since its introduction, starting with the release of the SuperView system and followed by the AdvaInform software as part of the Advant Station 500 Information Management Station (IMS).

The Windows version of Enterprise Historian was launched in 2001, a product which has gradually evolved into today’s System 800xA Information Management.

  • System 800xA Information Management Historian

    System 800xA Information Management Historian

    Information Management process automation historian functions are inherent to ABB’s Industrial IT 800xA system. Real-time data such as historical, process and electronic business data is collected from disparate sources and stored securely. It is then transformed into meaningful information, which is presented in a manner that is easy for operators, engineers and management to understand such as trends, reports, batch data, alarm and events.

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