MNS iS - Evolution in LV Motor Control Center Technology

MNS iS is the latest product of the MNS platform and is characterized by several innovative solutions that will change the MCC market.

All the withdrawable units are equipped with the latest sensor technology for measuring current, voltage and contact temperature. All components are connected to the data concentrator, MLink, which collects all switchgear feeder information. It is also the connection point for the supervision systems (ECS or DCS) through industrial protocols such as Modbus, Profibus or Profinet. The control function and feeder readings are made from the multifunction touchscreen, MView.

MNS iS provides:

  • Separation of control and power compartments for independent access
  • Patented measurement technology for electrical and electronic systems
  • MControl, a scalable controller for motor control and energy distribution
  • MLink, an interface platform between the MControl modules and the DCS, supporting the following protocols:
    i. Profibus DP and DP V1
    ii. Profinet I/O
    iii. Modbus TCP and RTU
  • MView, an operator and maintenance interface

  • Standard
  • Back-to-back or duplex
  • Standardization enables plug-and-play, lowest mean time to repair and common spare parts
  • Futureproof and easy to upgrade

  • Possible connection with MNS conventional panels for motor control center
  • Possible connection with MNS R panels to create the intelligent PMCC
  • World’s first truly scalable and modular switchgear platform
    i. select only the functions required for the intelligent device
    ii. standardized motor and feeder modules
  • Energy–efficient, low consumption motors with VSD fully integrated in the switchgear
  • Predictive maintenance with MService in the switchgear to minimize downtime

The MNS® iS platform defines the benchmark for higher personal safety:
  • Separate compartments for control and power cables, enhancing operational safety
  • Internal separation up to Form 4b
  • Withdrawable breakers
  • Arc-proof version up to 100kA

MNS® iS has all the benefits of the intelligent systems combined with new concepts for the low voltage market place:
  • Power modules manufactured in central factories to ensure high quality
  • Condition base maintenance practice results in tangible maintenance cost savings and higher performance
  • Easy operation reduces need for downtime; performs self-supervision tasks


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