Step up at your own pace. Go as far and as fast as you want.

System Evolution

System Evolution

You can add new capabilities to your existing system at a pace that fits your requirements and your budget. The evolution strategy allows you to upgrade and extend step-by-step, allowing you to spend as you go, depending on your needs, budget and ambitions. You don't have to start from scratch. You can exploit your existing infrastructure and the investments already made when you upgrade to the latest Advant or System 800 xA functionality. Our solutions are designed to be forwards and backwards compatible, protecting your investment.

Our experience will enable you to upgrade you processes in as little as an hour (see SSAB Tunnplåt success story). Or use your old MasterView workstations in parallel with your new workstations without a moment's downtime (see Södra Cell succes story). Or you can modernize and integrate your control system environment in an incredibly smoooth manner and ensure you are ready for future functionality (see Danish Distillers success story).

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