Industrial IT System 800xA High Integrity provides integrated, scaleable Safety Instrumented System

Revolutionary “Same but Separate” architecture reduces risk

ABB’s Industrial IT System 800xA High Integrity is a complete, scaleable IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 compliant Safety Instrumented System (SIS) that spans the entire safety loop, including SIL rated AC 800M controllers, field devices, I/O modules and field actuators. With embedded safety and control within the same architecture, System 800xA improves process availability while reducing risk to overall plant operation by providing a common high integrity system environment for production control, safety supervision and production monitoring. This flexible architecture provides the option of combining control and safety functions within the same controller or keeping control and safety functions separate within the same system.

“ABB's System 800xA provides a cost effective way to integrate our process control and safety instrumented system functions in a unique, scalable hardware configuration, using common user application development tools,” said Edward R. Sederlund, process automation product manager, The Dow Chemical Company. “System 800xA's High Integrity controller, I/O, and revolutionary ‘same but separate’ architecture will enable us to reduce project design, engineering, modification and lifecycle costs while helping to meet our safety requirements.”

With safety and process applications executing within the same system environment, and even within the same controller, System 800xA offers safe, instant interaction between applications. This unique architecture eliminates the duality of system engineering and operations and their associated lifecycle costs and leads to optimised project engineering, training, operations, maintenance and spare parts.

System 800xA safety systems are delivered and supported in accordance with the strictest standards. Among others, System 800xA complies with IEC 61508, IEC 61511, EN 954, NFPA 85 and NFPA 72 standards. In addition to product requirements, System 800xA meets the standards’ required procedures and routines specified for safety system lifecycle management.

All product components in System 800xA High Integrity have been certified by TÜV prior to their announcement for sale. The TÜV Product Service is considered to be the foremost independent certification agency in the business.

Although integrated within a common environment, System 800xA’s extensive diagnostics and certified firewall mechanisms eliminate common-cause failures of control and safety circuits. Access management mechanisms embedded within the 800xA controller environment include: Access Control to applications, Confirm Operation and Force Control.

System 800xA offers a complete SIS (Safety Instrumented System) solution, complying with the IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards and covering not only the “logic solver” but the entire safety loop, consisting of field instruments, controllers, I/O modules and actuators. Highly scaleable, System 800xA SIS solutions provide the flexibility to match specific safety functions with actual plant needs.

System 800xA’s high integrity controllers and I/O are highly modular, offering many interconnection options and making them suitable for all safety and critical process automation applications. SIL and non-SIL applications are secured by certified firewalls. Advanced diagnostics and built-in checks prevent inadvertent degradation of safety applications. ABB’s flagship AC 800M controller and S800 I/O lines are SIL compliant; ABB can also provide a wide range of SIL rated sensors, valve positioners and actuators.

System 800xA’s object-oriented engineering environment with SIL compliant function libraries supports the entire safety system lifecycle efficiently, from planning, through design and library management, to commissioning and support. System 800xA’s engineering environment includes safeguards against non-SIL compliant configurations. Once identified as a safety application, the engineering system will automatically limit user configuration choices and will prevent download if SIL requirements are not met.

System 800xA includes a comprehensive set of application specific libraries that contain pre-configured Control Modules, Function Blocks and graphic elements. For safety, ABB provides a wide range of field proven safety applications including Fire & Gas systems, Emergency and Process Shutdown (ESD and PSD), Interlock systems, Burner Management and Boiler Protection (BMS), Critical Control, High Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) and Pipeline Protection Systems (PPS).

Using 800xA asset optimisation and information management features, the need for off-line proof-testing is dramatically reduced. Actual events in daily operation are monitored, analysed, and used in the functional verification and documentation of safety instrumented function integrity.

With more than 25 years of experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining safety systems for oil and gas, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, and power generation applications, ABB supports customers in all phases of the IEC 61508 / 61511 safety lifecycle, from risk analysis and safety planning to system design and operations and maintenance.

System 800xA extends the scope of traditional control systems to include all automation functions in a single operations and engineering environment so that plants/mills can run smarter and better at substantial cost savings. Its reach extends well beyond the realm of essential process control to production management, safety, smart instrumentation, smart drives and motor control, information management, asset optimisation, simulation and documentation. System 800xA’s unique engineering environment manages one set of consistent data, for single-point entry, single-point change and re-use across the plant.

System 800xA is part of ABB’s suite of integrated Industrial IT solutions; these solutions, address the challenges that automation customers face in today’s global marketplace. ABB’s comprehensive Industrial IT portfolio of products is focused on delivering productivity and profits to automation customers. ABB’s product strategy is for evolution through enhancement to protect customer investments.

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